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IUGC Webinar Series is one of the main events that will be held every month until October, bringing different topics to each Webinar. With its grand theme, “Broadening Geophysics Perspective to Deal with Future Energy Challenges”, our resolution is to give the participants an insightful view of Geophysic roles, especially when dealing with future energy challenge, and how to excel in this kind of situation by bringing expertise from various companies and industries as its speaker. This webinar will include a sharing session, talkshow, and Q&A session with the participants.
In this IUGC Webinar Series 1 is here to provide an introduction and knowledge about exploration and development of clean energy such as geothermal heat/power, lithium resources, carbon capture and storage and others clean energy and its dependence as geophysics. As we know the geophysical applications and techniques used for developing the clean energy will bringing these energy sources to maturity.


13 Juli 2022


14 Juli 2022


15 Juli 2022



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