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About Us

  International Undergraduate Geophysics Competition (IUGC ITB) 2022 is the largest geophysical competition event in Indonesia which has benefits in developing the knowledge of Geophysical Engineering students and related study programs, adding and maintaining relationships with students at various universities both in Indonesia and international, as well as being a means of working to build a competitive spirit Geophysical Engineering students and other related study programs. This event has been held 6 times, namely in 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2018, and 2020.

   Geophysical Engineering Student Council, 'HIMA TG “TERRA” ITB' 2022/2023 period, presents IUGC ITB 2022. The IUGC ITB 2022 event consists of Events in the form of Webinar Series, Online Courses, Workshops, and Awarding Nights, followed by Student Competitions in the form of Pre-Competition and Main Competitions. IUGC 2022 will be held at an international level with the theme “Broadening Geophysics Perspective to Deal with Future Energy Challenges”. So it is hoped that the quality of this event will be better with the target of a larger number of participants from various parts of the world, especially in the Southeast Asia region.

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